Our Markets

Boon Vil­las has inves­ted in pro­mot­ing The Costa Trop­ical to the exist­ing mar­kets, which we believe will con­tinue to provide invest­ment in the region. How­ever, the real growth lies in the emer­ging mar­kets. For this reason we have part­ners work­ing for us in the middle and far east, includ­ing India and Singa­pore. In Rus­sia we have a part­ner­ship rela­tion­ship, as well as China. Cur­rently we are in dis­cus­sions with off-shore invest­ment com­pan­ies in the Bahamas and Cay­man Islands with vast cli­ent portfolios.

Boon Vil­las believes that the imme­di­ate future is bright and the 5–10 year future is very bright.

It’s about being with the right part­ner – Boon Villas

Why Sell With Us

Boon Vil­las is the only real estate agent that is genu­inely devel­op­ing the exist­ing, new and emer­ging regions with part­ners on the ground in those coun­tries. Boon Vil­las has observed the mar­ket for the last 4 years and seen how it has turned into “how low will you go” selling. We are pro­mot­ing to investors not bar­gain hunters with a quick buck attitude.

We will not waste your time or ours com­ing round with ‘poten­tial buy­ers’ whose sole pur­pose is to offer way below the value of your Villa/ Prop­erty. They will be prop­erly vet­ted to ensure the integ­rity of their interest, work­ing with us to invest in this region of future growth.

With the wealth of exper­i­ence and know­ledge in sales and mar­ket­ing coupled with the vast exper­i­ence of invest­ing in the prop­erty mar­ket here in the Costa Trop­ical, Boon Vil­las offers the com­plete ser­vice for selling your prop­erty. Adding to that, we are the only estate agent that has an in-house interior designer who, over 10 years, has advised cli­ents how to dress the prop­erty for selling or rent­ing with excep­tional res­ults, espe­cially over the last 4 years. It’s about being with the right partner.

Boon Vil­las recog­nizes the high emo­tion asso­ci­ated with “Estate Agent Fees” and what are you — the cli­ent, get­ting for your money. Talk to us about our Sole Agency Part­ner Pack­age, which we are sure you will feel you are get­ting the best part­ner and the best selling oppor­tun­ity for your property.